Audaxium can help you improve and modify your CRM/ERP services and system. We’re a NetSuite SDN Partner and over the years we’ve implemented systems from scratch, worked with clients to implement various NetSuite modules, and fixed broken implementations. Whether it’s CRM and Salesforce automation to support to OneWorld – we’re the experts you need.

We also develop custom solutions from scratch based on whatever crazy business requirements you might have.

Not only will we implement your requirements, we’ll give you excellent advice on industry best practises so that you can do the right thing to improve your bottom line.

Our services are designed to make you self sufficient, so you won’t need us forever.


Audaxium’s approach to an implementation can be somewhat different that what you’re used to. We won’t simply ask you, “what do you want to do?”. We’ll make sure you know how the system works before we ask you to make decisions about your requirements. We’ll ensure you understand the implications of your choices. We’ll do the work with you, so you can learn from our experts. In cases where you need more hands on deck, we can help.  In cases where your team can do the button pushing, we’ll ensure they know all the tricks.

Audaxium can help you implement from day one, or simply implement a specific module that you’re not familiar with. We have become experts in re-implementing parts of NetSuite and salvaging situations where customers have gotten bad advice or circumstances have changed.


Modules & Training

Perhaps you’d like to add a component, or turn on a feature of your system – we can educate you on how it’s going to work and show you examples of it in action.  We will help you prepare for the change and then assist you in using the new component or feature in the best way.

Whether you want to turn on Sales Teams, Inventory Managements, Departments and Class, OneWorld Subsidiaries, Multi-Currency, Support, or ecommerce, or one of the many other features your NetSuite system has, we can certainly help and answer all of your questions.



After using NetSuite for some time, you will often find areas where you would benefit from automation. Perhaps you need to automate the processing of thousands of transactions a month.  Maybe you want to automate the calculation of certain metrics.  Perhaps you’d like to integrate your system with your own custom application.

Our team can help you refine your requirements and deliver a solution that you’ll be bragging about to your co-workers.  We’ll even let you take the credit.


Monthly Support & Admin

Many of our customers need a small amount of support for complex questions that not only require technical knowledge but also a deep understanding of the way you do business.  Audaxium offers several flexible plans that allow you to use any service we offer – on demand.

If you need system tech support, some coding done, HTML design work, report creation, system testing, consulting, or just a shoulder to cry on, we are here to help.