Custom NetSuite Projects, on demand, on time.

NetSuite automation projects can dramatically improve the productivity of your users. Audaxium can help you automate your business processes using applications we’ve already developed, or we can help you come up with something unique.

Here are just a few examples we things we have created for our customers.

NetSuite to Toggl Integration

NetSuite Toggl Integration

We’ve created a direct NetSuite Toggl integration that moves Projects, Resources, Clients, Time and Tasks between Toggl and NetSuite.


Renewal Automation

We developed a custom application for NetSuite to automate customer subscription notification and renewals management.


Custom Customer Asset Manager

We developed a custom solution to track and maintain license purchases from customers that require renewals or a limited entitlement period.


License Management Integration

User license tracking and management mechanism (LMS) which included a custom integration with an outside SaaS application to control provisioning of access for end users.


Custom Ecommerce Development

A B2B ecommerce site that allowed for a central purchaser for a fleet of franchises to purchase and fulfill to each location. (Single buyer for Multiple NetSuite Customers)

Transaction Email Automation

Transaction Email Automation

We developed a standardized application for NetSuite to automate the email sending and follow up for transactions.


Customer Case Surveys

We developed an HTML survey that matches our client’s┬ábrand to send to customers for their feedback. Survey Data is stored directly in NetSuite.


Transaction Lease Calculation

Automatically Calculate multiple term lease values on Sales Orders in order to offer clients financing with up to date rates.


Custom Inventory Tracking

Calculate Item inventory based on custom records to keep track of actual units.


NetSuite OneWorld Implementation

Implement NetSuite OneWorld for a quickly growing company.


Marketing Campaign Advanced Reporting

Track New vs Re-Engaged vs Ongoing Lead Engagements vs Recently dormant leads.


Alternate Sales Amount Calculations

Calculate NetSuite line item Alternate Sales Amount based on custom order information.


NetSuite Project Reporting Customization

Get a quick HUD view of your project’s financial performance right on the project record.


NetSuite Script Audit and Cleanup

Inherited a NS system or have many undocumented customizations? We’ve performed customization audits to review custom scripts and provided documentation on business logic and provide any recommendation for script enhancements and identifying effeciency opportunities


Customer Retention Automation

Allow your CSR and Retention reps to track retention activities for your customers with great detail and see the effectiveness of your retention tools and lower customer churn.


NetSuite OneWorld Subsidiary Merging

Collapsing a subsidiary is a potential need for an organization.


Custom Reporting Portlet

Custom reporting right in NetSuite instead of Excel.

We Can Help With NetSuite Customization

Our NetSuite Consultants can create just about anything you need in NetSuite.

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