Custom Assets in Pardot will Improve the Effectiveness of Your Campaigns

Audaxium is a trusted Pardot partner, our Certified Pardot Consultants create custom landing page layout templates, emails templates, forms and lead nurturing programs for a number of Pardot customers.

What follows are a few examples of the kinds of customization and programs we have successfully implemented for some of them.

Custom Emails Generate Click-Through

Great content needs to be read. Compelling calls to action need to be seen. Using an email template that is non-responsive means your message will NOT display correctly over 50% of the time! Using a bland or generic email template will not engage or help you convert your prospect. Available as Stock, Semi-Custom, and Fully Custom our email templates allow you to maximize your Pardot Marketing Automation campaigns by increasing email opens and click-throughs. Every one of our email templates (from custom to stock) is designed to be responsive, that means all of your emails will load correctly and look great on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).


Custom Event Invite Email

The most effective means to promote an upcoming trade show, webinar, seminar or in-house event is using Pardot. This trade show invite is clean, clear and succinct. It encouraged prospects to book meetings prior to the show through a Pardot Landing Page.


Custom Image-Rich Newsletter

A newsletter allows you to demonstrate the strength of your industry knowledge. Effective Newsletters are image and content rich. This custom Newsletter template is responsive and uses navigation so that prospects can select content that interests them.


Custom Email From Photoshop

If you have an in-house creative team or use a third-party agency for your marketing materials, we can convert those designs into Pardot-friendly HTML. During the process we will ensure your email template is responsive and works with the Pardot editor.

Custom Landing Pages Encourage Conversion

As a Marketing professional, you know that landing pages are a MUST HAVE. As a Pardot user know that without HTML experience, creating landing pages in that look great and convert well can be difficult. Our landing page layout templates are available as Stock, Semi-Custom, and Fully Custom. All of our layout templates are built to be responsive, that means all of your landing pages will load appropriately and optimally for all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). Our layout templates will optimize conversion, look professional, and maintain your companies trusted brand and style identities.

Custom Event Landing Page

Custom Responsive Event Page

Designing a landing page to promote a National event with multiple locations and dates can be difficult. This custom landing page focuses on selling the event and allows the prospect to register for the location and event that best suits them.


Custom Asset Download Page

Offering content for download (white papers or data sheets) is a great way to promote your product and generate leads. This custom layout template included space for additional content and helped the client cross-promote their other services.


Semi-Custom Webinar Page

Hosting a webinar is an effective means of capturing leads and increasing your companies authority in the industry. This semi-custom landing page layout template allowed our client to promote their series of webinars professionally and economically.

Custom Email Preference Pages

Available as Stock, Semi-Custom, and Fully Custom our Email Preference page and Unsubscribe layout templates allow you to maximize your Pardot Marketing Automation campaigns by reducing prospect unsubscribes. Our Email Preference page and Unsubscribe layout templates are responsive, that means all of your pages will load appropriately and optimally for all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile). They will fit your intended needs, look professional, and maintain your companies trusted brand and style identities.

Custom Email Preference Center

Custom Email Preference Page

Designed to integrate seamlessly with your website and brand, our custom email preference pages will encourage your prospects to ‘Stay in Touch‘. Use it as a subscription page, preference centre or as part of an ‘About Us’ page.

Custom Email Preference Center

Reduce Email Unsubscribes

By linking to your email preference page you are not required to include an unsubscribe link in emails you send from Pardot. Prospects are encouraged to modify the emails they receive from me rather that unsubscribing instantly.

Custom Email Unsubscribe Page

Acknowledge Unsubscribes

Instead of using the Pardot default ‘Unsubscribe Successful’ we help clients create engaging Unsubscribe Pages. Designed to suggest alternate points of contact and to encourage re-subscribes.

Custom WordPress Integration

Using the Pardot Plugin to integrate Pardot with your WordPress powered website makes a lot of sense. Of course, that doesn’t make it easy. There are a few (style) conflicts between the two systems that can leave your forms looking less than stellar. Whether you only need Audaxium to create some (WordPress friendly) layout templates or if you need us to complete the integration entirely, we can help.


Seemless WordPress Integration

Once the Pardot Plugin is installed and activated a simple icon appears when creating or editing Posts and Pages. Select the form (already created in Pardot) and insert it directly where you want it.


Custom Form Layout Template

Pardot and WordPress use different class names for forms. This can make custom styling in Pardot (for WordPress) frustrating. We have been integrating the two for years and can make all of your forms look great in WordPress and on any device.


Increase Interactions Simply

The Pardot Plugin for WordPress doesn’t require you to cut and past iframe code. The process is as simple as creating your page/post, finding the ideal form (or dynamic content) location in your content, and selecting your appropriate form from the drop-down menu.

Custom Form Layouts

Marketers go to the trouble of making sure their email templates look great, that they are designed to be responsive, and that they offer their reader compelling calls to action. They also ensure that these emails direct their prospects to purpose built landing pages, carefully designed to offer a consistent brand, message, and render well across all devices. Unfortunately, too many marketers neglect the form. A poorly designed form will kill conversion, despite the email and landing page that proceeded it. Stock form layout templates will not render well on mobile devices and do not match the style of the landing page.


Responsive Form Layout

Stock (Pardot calls this Standard) layouts provide generic formatting to ensure that all of you forms display consistently on major web browsers. These standard layouts are not responsive and can be difficult to customize without HTML/CSS experience.


Custom Event Kiosk Form

We can design your custom form layout template so that it will look great whether it is going to be hosted on a Pardot landing page, on your website as an iframe, or ‘stand-alone’ at a trade show or conference. Well designed forms convert better.


Advanced Form Creation

Audaxium has years of experience building Pardot forms that convert, better. We offer best practices; Form Fields (which and how many), when and how to use Progressive/Dependant fields as well as which Completion Actions maximize prospect conversion.

Pardot Region Enabled

All of our custom Pardot layout templates (Landing Pages and Emails) have the added functionality of Pardot Regions and permissions activated. These Pardot Regions enable the Pardot editor while you are creating your own landing pages and emails. As a result our custom templates offer greatly improved usability, flexibility, and edibility over the stock templates in Pardot or templates created by third party agencies without extensive Pardot experience.

Pardot regions active

Create Your Own Landing Pages

When creating your landing page from one of our Pardot templates, simply select the region you wish to edit and a Pardot Editor will open. Make your changes. Save. If there are Pardot Regions you would like to prevent changes to or restrict the kinds of edits that are made, we can do that too!

Editor - Pardot Email Regions Thumb

Create Emails in Minutes

The Pardot Regions in our custom Email Templates make editing content easy, without the need to “inline your css” prior to sending. All of the styles we created for you are already applied, all you need to do is change the text.

Editor - Pardot Email Regions2 Thumb

Create Additional Email Templates

With each custom template we create we also provide instructions for use and a few best practices. We will show you how to use the Pardot Regions to duplicate, delete and even move entire regions in your template to create templates of your own.

We Customize Pardot. A Lot.

Our Certified Pardot Consultants can create custom responsive Pardot Landing Page Layouts, Email Templates, and Forms. We can help you with automation, segmentation, and automation (drip campaigns).
Pardot is what we do everyday, we have expertise to help you with all of your promotions, webinars, events, trials…if you want Pardot assets that convert. Get in touch.

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